How Life Easier Began…

Heidi’s Mom (See below for explanation)

Heidi Roed worked in Corporate America for over 20 years. She started her career in Sales working for GE Appliances, segued into Merchandising, and then into Sourcing and Procurement in multiple industries. She gained a reputation for being a “fixer” taking on roles that required her to fix problems large and small, revise existing processes and create new processes that made money for companies and ultimately led to higher customer satisfaction rates. No matter what puzzle she had to solve, she dove in and fixed it.

After being downsized in May of 2018, she opened Life Easier LLC. Heidi’s original goal was to help people, but as time went on she was determined to start a company that would aid women specifically in their never-ending care for their spouses, families and friends. Additionally, she wanted to open a business that other women would want to work for including flexible schedules and equal pay.

Her experience in this industry started as early as age 12. Heidi’s paternal grandfather was moved into a nursing home and her blind grandmother, Solveig, moved into their home. Six months later he passed away. Still grieving his father’s death and now having to come to terms with the reality of the next steps, Heidi watched her father attempt to coordinate the preparation of his childhood home and ready it for sale. The total process took 6 months with her father and mother bearing the entire burden on themselves. Much of her grandparents possessions had been too emotionally taxing to go thru and her parents decided to move everything into their own home. Heidi helped throughout the process wherever her parents directed her to be. She saw first-hand the stress and strain on her parents during that time.

After several years her grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Her mother was the primary caregiver for Solveig, but before and after school Heidi would step in to help prepare food, clean, do laundry, aid her in using the toilet, help her walk, cut up her food, etc. All the duties her mother did, Heidi was trained to help with as well.

Solveig was moved to a nursing home when home care giving became too difficult. Upon her death, her parents once again had to attempt to sort and get rid of the things her father could not part with previously.

Heidi has been gently working with her parents for several years to declutter their home gradually. She has found regular decluttering sessions on small sections of the house eases the difficulty her parents have had with getting rid of things that often have emotional value. (The photo above is Heidi’s triumphant mom after a major decluttering session in which 13 suitcases, 4 boxes of glass jars, an endless supply of sweaters and all sorts of random items were piled to go out to a donation center the next day. The cat was not donated. He just wanted to be in the photo.)

When family and friends began asking for help too Heidi pitched in. These experiences are what inspired her to start a business around decluttering, organizing and move management.

Heidi is trained and certified by the National Association of Senior Move Managers to handle situations just like this for other people. She is able to declutter and organize spaces and homes for anyone of any age needing to optimize their space, individuals who want to age in place OR she can coordinate all aspects of a move from a home to an assisted living, nursing home, family home or apartment.

Life Easier LLC’s mission is to – 1) Reduce client stress thru decluttering, organizing and successful senior move management, 2) Perform services in environmentally friendly ways, and 3) All while building the local community.

Life Easier LLC: Simplifying and downsizing your stuff so you can enjoy more life.

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