Age: 82 years young

Occupation: Retired Artist

Patricia had moved to a new condominium. Her guest bedroom was supposed to be a studio so she could continue her art, but instead it turned into a storage room during the move. She tried several times to get rid of things on her own, but for some reason she wouldn’t get very far. Patricia hired Heidi with Life Easier for four hours to jump start her decluttering process. Not only did Patricia get rid of a ton of stuff that day, but is continuing to work with Life Easier on a monthly basis.

Patricia’s Google review says “Heidi Roed penetrated my resistance to getting rid of my hoard of art materials in my studio. Her interview addressed my reluctance to part with any of it and her “hands on” work with tangible objects framed a process for my continuing. Heidi found a rare art and scraps re-purposing organization, mostly for schools, where my discards would find new life. Her enthusiasm and serious comprehension of my 60 year career winding down made this beginning a rich experience. I’m eager for us to continue with the next phase.”

Mrs. M

Age: 50ies

Occupation: Corporate Executive

Mrs. M was working full time as a corporate executive when her husband fell ill. Years of successful rehabilitation expanded Mr. M’s physical abilities allowing him to go back to work with a little help from Mrs. M. His work colleagues would help with the rest. The walk in master closet was packed full of so many things that the door could not be opened fully. There was only a square patch of carpet that one could stand on in the doorway while trying to see into the closet. Everything was piled high and deep. It needed to be decluttered and reorganized to accommodate his physical limitations including his walking with a cane. He wanted to be as independent as possible. However, the closet also had to accommodate Mrs. M’s need to efficiently and quickly be able to find and pack his things. Mrs. M had other decluttering projects she wanted to tackle herself, but this was the biggest one. She needed help getting her momentum going. One Saturday, after 8 hours of work it was complete.

Client Text Message Before the Project Started: “I feel like since my husband got sick, the house is running us.”

Client Text Message the Day After the Project was Completed: “Thank you very much! I was so motivated that I did the clothes outside the dressers today!


Age: 50ies

Occupation: Marketing Representative

D.P. has a full schedule. Besides working a full time job, she spends her evenings working out at the gym, playing in local tennis leagues, and spending time with family and friends at events around the city. Even though she needs to, she doesn’t have time to clean out her garage. That’s when she reached out to Life Easier. D.P. expected the project to take six hours, but with Life Easier’s help it only took two.

D.P.’s Google review – I needed my garage organized and cleaned out and Heidi of Life Easier was able to help with that. She was thorough and thoughtful in her approach and made a difficult task manageable and fun! The most helpful aspect was her taking charitable items away that day that could be used or given to other non-profits. I highly recommend using Heidi especially when you need help in making your Life Easier!”

J. Tsangaris

Age – 47

Current Occupation – Stay Home Mom

Prior Occupation – Geoscientist for the Oil and Gas Industry

J. is a stay home mom who moved with her husband and 2 year old while pregnant with her second child to Charlotte. After giving birth, she was struggling with managing her family, running the household, unpacking, and giving herself a little “me” time. J hired Heidi with Life Easier on multiple occasions to organize documents for their tax filings, unpacking and setting up their kitchen, cleaning, organizing and taming the laundry room and organizing her home office. At times J needed personal services as well. For example, one day she needed a shower and there was no one to take the baby so Heidi stepped in to change diapers, feed and burp, and cuddle Baby R until J could return to take over. Another time she was stressing about her over stuffed refrigerator and what to cook for dinner. Life Easier steps in where ever the client needs us.

J. Tsangaris notes in her Google review “Heidi is AMAZING!!! She helped my frazzled self getting on tasks & staying on them. Helped me organize home from our out of state move. Having a toddler & being pregnant/having new born her focus on how to help our lives “now” was right on with meal planning, portioning & prepping along with organizing the laundry room and office mess was indispensable and incredibly helpful during a difficult transition point in our lives. Heidi made it Easier.”

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